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Smalltalk/X, a product from eXept Software AG, is a complete implementation of the programming language Smalltalk, class library and development environment, providing:

  • An object-oriented programming language
  • Graphic development environment with editors, browsers, debuggers, GUI builders, etc.
  • Incremental compilation, byte code interpreter and dynamic (just in time) compiler
  • Static compilation and DLL generation, controlled by make-files
  • Comprehensive class library with ready-to-use modules for applications
  • Open Smalltalk source code.

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A programming language.

Smalltalk (Programming):

Smalltalk is intriguing. Very intriguing. I was turned onto this while Ruby was a live project, where the rabbit hold led me to Seaside.

Smalltalk leads to Squeak, the open source implementation, and through one if its main contributors (Alan Kay) leads to the Croquet Project.

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I knew of Seaside because I went looking for info on various web-development environments which were alternatives to the then up-and-coming Rails. I didn't look too closely into it, but I probably should have.