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A gothic/"alternative" metal band, who I know from their days of opening for The Gathering.

They were really great, but like their peers they slid downhill. Andrea Ferro ruins pretty much every song he's in, and I've always wished him completely removed from the band.

"lone wolf", by Nirrimi Hakanson
"lone wolf", by Nirrimi Hakanson
"Make My Heart Flutter", by Escapetoparadise
"Make My Heart Flutter", by Escapetoparadise

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Wikipedia: Trance

Music has some notes on my taste, which apply to Trance.

I have a particular love of female vocal progressive trance. It's lighthearted and romantic. I've been listening to this style and sub-style of music for a while now. I intend to keep listening, and I like to share the things I love. Isn't that what love is? If you like my curating, then you're in for a treat.

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