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This series is complete shit and should not be watched!

If you do watch this, you masochistic bastard, then..

  1. IMPORTANT - Watch Babylon 5 - (1994 TV show) according to Babylon 5 viewing order until the mention of Crusade.
  2. Choose to not watch Crusade.
  3. Watch Crusade its proper order, probably.

    • My notes may or may not be in any order, as my sanity was in question at the time.
  4. Regret having watched Crusade.
  5. Remember that I warned you.

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Babylon 5 (1994-1998) title

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Upon contact with aliens, humans set up a space station to promote ambassadorial relations among species.

Easily among the best television I've seen. Everything about this series is phenomenal: acting, stories, sets, etc. Unfortunately, the graphics do appear dated in places, but it otherwise holds up very well.

Mandatory viewing.

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Babylon 5 - The Gathering - (1993 movie) dvd cover

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The pilot to the Babylon 5 - (1994 TV show) TV show.

This is the first item to view in the Babylon 5 viewing order.

  • Properly titled Babylon 5: The Gathering

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