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The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller

In general, this is a wonderful program. A great editor, and it's quite easy to use.

Unfortunately, it really is for programmers. While I can muddle through everything, I'm not a programmer so it's extremely time consuming for me to make anything.

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A Free and open source 3d creation suite and video editor.

3d editing: Said to be very difficult to use, and it is. There is an argument that in mastering it one gains a huge set of capabilities with one tool. I was unable to get that far.

Video editing: Defaults are stupid and features are missing. Maybe it'll be passable in a few years.

  • It has a portable zip, with no install required. Yay!

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3D printing is a method of creating a object.

Just as a printer paints ink onto paper, a 3D printer paints a plastic-like substance into a surface and then builds layers on top. Think of it like a pastry bag but in three dimensions. So instead of a gingerbread house with icing being painted on top, think of the entire house being made of that icing.

This is just to house some 3d printing/scanning-related notes.

This isn't the full extent of my notes, which are scattered across who knows where. Oh well.

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