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This has no relation to The Mummy - (1999 movie).

The Mummy - (2017 movie) poster

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(on Wikipedia) [ 1 ] was (which is a little wonky)

An antiquities reclamation rogue discovers an ancient Egyptian prison, and becomes an unwilling agent for the curse within.

At best this is an adequate movie. I could weakly recommend it for fans of this sub-genre, but otherwise give it a miss. It has a budget that's stronger than its writing or acting.

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A Beautiful Mind (2001) poster

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Based on the life of John Forbes Nash, Jr., the nobel prize winning mathematician, this film explores his life, genius and madness.

Media which explore intelligence, its quirks and consequences are (obviously) rarer than the geniuses themselves. That this movie has appealed to a broad audience, helping embrace and enlighten more typical people, is rarer still. This movie is very strongly recommended.

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