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This plugin allows you to add code snippets as an alternative to directly editing a theme's functions.php.

I used to manually edit functions.php for my child theme Parament-spiralofhope.

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(removed from WordPress' plugins list, see below)
www.redsandmarketing.com/plugins/wp-spamshield-anti-spam/ (dead) [ 1 ] was www.redsandmarketing.com/plugins/wp-spamshield/ (not archived)

A spam protector that replaces Askismet.

dead, and the developers were dogpiled into closing, but the code still works.

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1. was www.redsandmarketing.com/plugins/wp-spamshield/ (not archived)
404 to 301

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Redirect your 404 pages to a page or a custom URL. Turn them into 301 (page moved), 302 or 307 codes so that search engines aren't so offended by missing pages.

Does the job, and it's an important job.

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