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Linux distributions + Gentoo >

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A Linux distribution. A Linux system rescue disk.

  • Note - If you just want to repair your boot loader, try boot-repair.
  • I'm sure an updated version will use systemd, as Gentoo now does.

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A defragmentation tool for individual files.

Note that defragmentation is irrelevant with an SSD, and even with a HDD, Windows will auto-defragment if you leave it alone for a bit. For windows 8 and Windows 10, my administrative settings are so aggressive that when I'm inactive for five minutes it pokes around to see what it can defragment.

  • As of 2016-02-15 on Windows 10, 1.35.04 is in my toolkit.
  • I had tested v1.0.0rc1 on Windows 8.1 a while back, for Path of Exile - (2013 game).

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A general system information utility.

  • These days this is called AIDA64
  • I've been using 3.93 (2004-02-23) since my Windows XP days. Tested and still works as of 2016-02-12 on Windows 10 64bit.
  • Tested 3.94.2 (2004-02-23), on 2016-02-12, on Windows 10 64bit.
  • I'm not going to pursue the trialware AIDA64.

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A process viewer.

It's 80k, so why not include it in my kit.

  • aka CProcess
  • Tested 1.10 on 2016-02-12 on Windows 10, updated recently.
  • Tested 1.10 on 2014-04-24 on Windows 8.1, updated recently.
  • As of 2016-02-12 this was last updated 2008-05-22.

Windows NT needs psapi.dll downloaded and put in system32

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Throttles CPU usage. Good for grinding applications to a halt, for testing, or to make sure that CPU-hogging applications don't shit all over your computer.

  • As of 2016-02-12 the latest versions are 1.6.2 (stable), 1.7.0-alpha (March 15, 2014)
  • Tested 1.7.0-alpha on 2016-02-12 on Windows 10, updated recently.

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Command line utility allows automating common task like figuring out if particular process is running or killing a running process on scheduler. Has a GUI version.

I've never really used it, but it's stayed in my toolkit because it's under a megabyte.

  • Tested PrcView GUI, commandline, on 2014-04-24 on Windows 8.1, updated recently.
  • Tested PrcView GUI, commandline, on 2016-02-12 on Windows 10, updated recently.

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Chocolatey: sysinternals

Various GUI and console utilities to do technical stuff on Windows.

Although I don't actively use this, I easily consider this suite mandatory.

  • I may have used this on my Windows 9x days.

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Fix file association settings in Windows, including context menu items, icons, and descriptions. Also: autoplay settings and default programs settings.

I've never relied on this, but it's in my toolkit.

  • I've been using Version 2.7.2675.2253 (October 29, 2010) for some time and, checking now, and as of 2016-02-12 it hasn't been updated since then.
  • Partly-tested 2014-04-22 on Windows 8.1, updated recently.

    • I chose to not download .NET.
  • This requires the .NET framework 3.5, and will prompt to download it.