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(removed from WordPress' plugins list, see below) (dead) [ 1 ] was (not archived)

A spam protector that replaces Askismet.

  • Abandoned -- Dead, and the developers were dogpiled into closing, but the code still works.

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Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions icon

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Delete old revisions and optimize your WordPress database.

This halved the size of my database.

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Background Link Checker image

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A tool to make it ridiculously easy to not just find and edit broken links, but has other features to apply to them, like changing their style.

Recommended by Internet Archive, which is good enough for me.

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404 to 301

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Redirect your 404 pages to a page or a custom URL. Turn them into 301 (page moved), 302 or 307 codes so that search engines aren't so offended by missing pages.

Does the job, and it's an important job.

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A long while back, this blog lost its database. That's why it went dark for some months.

The host claimed that the database was dropped using it's hosting control panel. This post is an examination of that claim using The Chain of Trust.

It tries to break down that claim and other possibilities to understand their likelihood and difficulty. This is a method to untangle claims to line them up and go down that list. If at any point a link in that chain is seen to be impossible, then the entire claim falls apart.

This is the reasoning that should be done with any discussion, especially something as important as the law. Make a bulleted list, go down it from start to finish. For each link, show another chain coming off of it. Any link from that parent-chain that branches must itself have one single unbroken chain.

This could be demonstrated physically, even graphically, but is straightforward to do in a top-down list (a post), a bulleted list for the main chain, bulleted lists for each link, and hyperlinks for any shared problems.

I don't know that I demonstrated this very well, but I'll give it a shot with a real-world claim.

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