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An intelligentsia is exiled as an ambassador to distant lands, and he finds himself swept into mysterious struggles by foreign warriors.

The movie didn't pay off its production cost, but it's still amazing. I'd buy a special edition DVD if one is ever released.

The Irishman playing a nord is really amusing, making this movie make me forever aware of bad accents.

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The Queen of Swords is a sensuous and beautiful masked avenger who battles greed and corruption in 19th Century California. Her dagger and rapier aimed at the heart of injustice, casting a long and defiant shadow over all those who terrorize the oppressed. She not only gives the vanquished hope, she makes them laugh at those who would destroy them. To do this, she must remain anonymous, hiding behind her public guise as the 'Queen of Swords'. Adventure is in the cards...

  • aka Reina de espadas (Spain)
  • aka Tessa, à la pointe de l'épée (France)

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