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Research on music licensing, with a focus on legally streaming copyrighted music.

This is not about the equipment, the act of bring a DJ or any other practical thing. This is about the law, and particularly for someone in Canada.

I had tinkered with this as a project some time ago, but I misplaced those bookmarks before thinking to post them up here. I'm not presently that interested, but I will be if I pursue related endeavours in the future.

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Outside, in moderate light
Outside, in moderate light

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(on Wikipedia)

An incredibly resilient fast-growing indoor/outdoor plant (vine).

I've seen this, or some version of this, growing perennially outside in an area with normal seasons and in moderate shade. It really covered the area nicely, and nothing else was growing there. I don't think it was tended to at all, so it may also crowd out weeds or perhaps the area was being sprayed or weeded and I never saw it.

I've kept it in a basement with no real natural light around. It went dark and still thrived. It started growing itself into the wall, through paint.

  • aka Scindapsus aureus
  • aka Golden pothos

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  • You own a PlayStation 2
  • You own official PlayStation 2 discs

    • PlayStation 1 discs will also be researched.

The use cases are much the same as with DVD ripping:

  • Back discs up before disc rot sets in.
  • Rip discs and keep them safe

    • e.g. parents with little kids who damage discs.
  • Playing on a PlayStation 2 which has a broken DVD drive.

I never really got around to pursuing this as a proper project.

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