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I wanted to play Okami on my PlayStation 2 again. My old monitor had an S-Video input, but newer ones do not.

There are little adapters and adapter-cables, but those will not work on most monitors. They are a sort of "straight through" adapter which rely on the monitor understanding the signal a certain way. I bought a "HDV-G3000 PS2 to HDMI Video Audio Converter Adapter 1080P" which did not work.

Solution: Most people have RCA connectors, but what you really want is to have the highest-quality output from the PS2 and convert it using a device. So you take the high-quality cable for a PS2, which gives you S-Video output, and plug that into a converter box. The plus side is you can do upscaling and probably video switchboxing.

I ended up getting:

An two-source audio mixer, so I can use one set of speakers for my computer and the PS2 is another project I only briefly looked at and haven't started yet.

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This is an unsolved problem.. I can can do things manually but not using an easier "A to B" feature.


Problem: Given a video, note a start and finish point and export that clip.

I'd make a proper HOWTO with screenshots, but this does not work as-expected. I can get it roughly to work, but not smoothly enough for it to justify a proper tutorial.

  • A to B loop cannot be made to stop looping. There is no "A to B' feature.
  • Recording does not respect A to B.

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The batteries on my Zaurus SL-C1000 failed to work, so I did some looking around and found a solution.

My battery could charge and would boot up my device. While it showed as fully charged it would "drain" extremely quickly.

Following these instructions I was able to completely resurrect one battery, but a second one did not work. That second battery had a bit of a bulge, so I'm guessing it went completely bad.

With great thanks to SWilliams:

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CubieTruck + Lubuntu >

Instructions on getting Lubuntu (desktop) working for the CubieTruck.

NOTE - These instructions will wipe your MicroSD card!

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