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This is an unsolved problem.. I can can do things manually but not using an easier "A to B" feature.


Problem: Given a video, note a start and finish point and export that clip.

I'd make a proper HOWTO with screenshots, but this does not work as-expected. I can get it roughly to work, but not smoothly enough for it to justify a proper tutorial.

  • A to B loop cannot be made to stop looping. There is no "A to B' feature.
  • Recording does not respect A to B.

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The batteries on my Zaurus SL-C1000 failed to work, so I did some looking around and found a solution.

My battery could charge and would boot up my device. While it showed as fully charged it would "drain" extremely quickly.

Following these instructions I was able to completely resurrect one battery, but a second one did not work. That second battery had a bit of a bulge, so I'm guessing it went completely bad.

With great thanks to SWilliams:

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CubieTruck + Lubuntu >

Instructions on getting Lubuntu (desktop) working for the CubieTruck.

NOTE - These instructions will wipe your MicroSD card!

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Swagbucks logo

(on Wikipedia)

An personal information collection website which rewards with a trickle of money.

I found surveys which were broken, offers which were suspect, items which wanted my credit card information or to install random software. Overall, the hype that others give this website makes me think less of humanity.

After this glance, I expect I'll be getting a lot of junk mail. Sigh.