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I wanted to play Okami - (2006 game) on my PlayStation 2 again. My old monitor had an S-Video input, but newer ones do not.

There are little adapters and adapter-cables, but those will not work on most monitors. They are a sort of "straight through" adapter which rely on the monitor understanding the signal a certain way. I bought a "HDV-G3000 PS2 to HDMI Video Audio Converter Adapter 1080P" which did not work.

Solution: Most people have RCA connectors, but what you really want is to have the highest-quality output from the PS2 and convert it using a device. So you take the high-quality cable for a PS2, which gives you S-Video output, and plug that into a converter box. The plus side is you can do upscaling and probably video switchboxing.

I ended up getting:

An two-source audio mixer, so I can use one set of speakers for my computer and the PS2 is another project I only briefly looked at and haven't started yet.

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Martial arts, Culture > Martial arts terms >

1 - In Martial arts, A kind of over-cooperation; What a willing assistant does to demonstrate what is actually faked.

2 - A term in Gaming describing the actions of a "Tank", which is the character kept as the primary interest of enemies so as to be the primary absorber of damage.

See also:

  • Honesty - toward the direction of an "honest" unwilling/realistic partner, object(s), circumstances, etc.

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