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I'm not big on drama, and I tend to not pay it much attention.  So when TinyME was briefly "advertised" in one of the PCLinuxOS magazine releases (a simple mistake), I tried to not care.

However, when a couple of friends of the Unity Linux team left that magazine, this topic was brought up again. I learned quite a bit more of the politics that was going on.. but there's no point in my repeating such stuff. It's just the same old same old..

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Ok, I'll admit it.  I really like system archaeology.

It's like some strange combination of a system administrator, grey hat cracker, security expert, information archivist, hacker, propeller-hat role.  I don't know how to explain it.

And I've been doing it on my own system.

For years.

  • Note that "digital folklore" (native web culture, etc) is not related.

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Blogging is an interesting concept. It's something I've toyed with since before the term was coined.

It's never seemed to be particularly useful to me. Each item is a kind of pointless bit of gossip whose usefulness is at first questionable and which becomes less and less valuable over time.

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Docmint is a CMS for making online manuals.  I reviewed it briefly as a candidate for Unity Linux's online guidebook.

It's unusable.

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