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on ChinaBuye

This is a fantastic item.

I got one black and one gold. The black looks great. The gold is okay-looking.

Very solid. Almost metal. Good grip.

The cap stays on tightly.

The MicroSD card goes in the "nose" of the reader, and is easy to insert/remove.

It's easy to pull out of a computer, even though it is fairly small.

  • ChinaBuye names this New Micro Aluminum Alloy TF to USB mini Adapter Memory Card micro SD mini Card Reader up to 64GB(Color Random)

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FlashBench - sandisk 2gb as SD

Testing USB storage >

A USB storage testing application.

A tiny, portable, storage device speed tester. Created specifically for USB storage.

Very very nice. Easy to use

(Yes, USB storage is that bad with small files)

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