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A fixed-angle-view roguelike.

My general conclusion is that it's a good game, but doesn't have enough variety of abilities.

  • Properly titled Diablo III
  • Path of Exile is better in terms of difficulty, complexity and player-immersion.

    • In fact, Diablo 3 has been copying features straight from Path of Exile. Doing things badly, but, still, obviously copying.
  • I played Diablo 3 on Linux for a while. It wasn't a pleasant experience.
  • Follows Diablo 2

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An emulator to run Windows applications on Linux.

  • Stuff which I ran using Wine
  • 2013-12 - I dropped by reliance on it when I started dual booting into Windows 8.1.
  • (dates not recorded) I was using Wine on various distributions (distributions not recorded)
  • (date not recorded) Before my use of Wine, I was using Windows XP
  • Wine Is Not an Emulator

    • Yes. Yes it is.
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  • I'm an orphan from years of World of Warcraft, but that game has been sliding downhill for too long so I'm done with it.
  • 2015-09-17 I've been back on World of Warcraft for some time now.

While a really great game, it somehow didn't do it for me.

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See /tag/world-of-warcraft

A MMO whose defining qualities are its maturity, user base and low system-requirements.

Recently focusing entirely on endgame, to the detriment of all earlier content. Instead of improving the game in measurable ways, its developers use desperate psychology to string along its user base. DO NOT PLAY unless you're already playing. Then DO NOT STOP.

Once anything comes along that's decent, haul ass and bring everyone with you. Consider, for example, Guild Wars 2.

See also World of Warcraft performance improvements

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When I first got into Path of Exile, I did not use Windows (at the time I had access to Windows XP).

Using Wine was a significant project. Others had, even during my months of experimentation, reported they had things running just fine. I did have it running fairly well, but not well enough for me at the time. This ultimately lead to my abandoning using Wine at my earliest opportunity. I might have tried playonlinux or codeweavers, and I might have even paid for it, but using Windows was easy enough once I dual-booted into it.

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