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In a world where everyone must take a daily suppressant to survive a deadly plague, one cop is put on the case of a string of murders targeting its researchers.

As usual, Christopher Lambert is a terrible actor. I just realized he's another Keanu Reeves, where if you like the guy you'll be just fine.. and you'll also know how each of his characters will look and feel.

Kelly Brook is a work of art.

  • Released 2003-12-16

Enemy at the Gates (2001) poster

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During World War II, a lucky Soviet soldier is fictionalized into a hero, but he truly earns that distinction only to find himself up against the German's very best.

With a good pace and atmosphere, this movie is riveting.

  • Based on Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad (1973 book), by William Craig

    • ISBN 0-14-139017-4

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Once I re-watch this I'll add some more notes.

Alien - Resurrection (1997) dvd image

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The survivors of an alien attack struggle to stay alive aboard their research vessel, and learn its true purpose.

Perhaps because Alien 3 (1992)[doesn't exist] wasn't as amazing as the first two, Alien: Resurrection wasn't that impactful. I think it was a cop-out of an odd reboot.

  • This is properly titled Alien: Resurrection

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