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The Last Lecture - (2008 book), by Randy Pausch cover

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A dying guy writes about how awesome he had it, and gives advice to his children.

It takes almost half of the book to mine more than two interesting points. It is a glaring reminder of how important it is to have a solid first chapter. Instead, chapter after chapter this book keeps promising something interesting, forcing the reader to cling to the "I'm dying" parts to hope for something better.

For people who stick it out, there is a lot of fluff which I was able to trivially summarize with two pages of bullet points. That's nothing to sneeze at, so I suppose this is worth reading for some, though I won't recommend it.

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You are chained to things that make you unproductive. Unproductive not only in terms of your responsibilities but also your desires. They are a strain not only on your time but also on your peace of mind.

Unplugging targets a wide number of associated things, freeing up time and considerations to be put toward things which are specifically-desired. Instead of effort being put toward problems, passion is put toward desires.

This action is meant to take the whole day, and be regularly repeated. It is meant to be a defined branch of time management and a fundamental philosophy.

The right way to go about all of this would be to print this off. Better yet, write it all out by hand; make it yours.


This original concept was written quite differently: Unplugging--2007-05-27

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  1. A conscious act of will.

    • An inward version is to pursue awareness, mindfulness or the like.
    • An outward / practical version is to focus one's thoughts on something -- to reflect on or ponder over. This is the receiving end of point 3, below.
  2. Clearing one's thoughts.

  3. "A Meditation" is a discourse intended to express its author's reflections or to guide others in contemplation.

    • This is the "sending" end of point 1b.
      -- Variously described: "Consider this deeply", "Selah", etc.

The first two are components of Enlightenment and often lead to the experience of an Epiphany. Some version is an instinctive aspect of genius, often seen in sharpening the saw.

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Her - (2013 movie) poster

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Artificial intelligence is created but is somehow only used as a personal assistant.

Awkward and slow, and so lacking in intellectual merit as to make it far too weak a story. Science fiction chick flicks are fucking weak.

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