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was kickstarter.com/projects/tiko3d/tiko-the-unibody-3d-printer

Tiko is a unibody 3d printer which I backed.

To get this working, I had to really push hard to get the filament to load. This was a frustrating first experience. I was then entirely unimpressed with the quality of its prints, even after a lot of fiddling.

Later, when I returned to use it, it seems that filament has snapped off inside it, and it thinks its loaded and will not load new filament. Heating does not remove it. I fiddled a lot, once more.. I'm giving up on it, it's garbage.

I did end up fixing it.. after giving it away.

See Tiko first impressions. It fails, hard.

  • It requires a wireless internet connection.
  • You require a wireless connection to it.

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https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/mouse-and-keyboard-center-download-f5b10905-7887-eedb-2f1c-d0737a36a3b2 [ 1 ] was https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/d/sidewinder-x3-mouse

Microsoft SideWinder X3 5 Buttons USB Wired Laser 2000 dpi Mouse

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update 2 - this is basically pointless with contemporary hardware and software. Just use the defaults for something like cgdisk or GParted:

https://gparted.org/display-doc.php?name=help-manual#gparted-specify-partition-alignment [ 1 ] was https://gparted.sourceforge.io/display-doc.php?name=help-manual#gparted-specify-partition-alignment

Use MiB alignment for modern operating systems.

The Cylinder/Head/Sector values reported by modern disk devices no longer have a direct physical relationship to the data stored on the disk device. Hence it is no longer valid to use this alignment setting to achieve enhanced performance.

update: cgdisk, when beginning with a new partition table, when creating the first partition, automatically creates a small empty partition before it, and thus is said to align everything properly. I haven't double-checked this.

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Tiny Linux QWERTY gaming palmtop

  • aka the OpenPandora
  • By default, runs the Angstrom Linux distribution.
  • (will be) Replaced by the Pyra.
  • 2012-05-09 -- received
  • ~2010-01-24 - This was replaced by my Zaurus SL-C1000.

    • 2018-01-09 -- I'm not sure what this note is.

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Shure SE210 photo

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(discontinued) [ 1 ] was http://store.shure.com/store/shure/en_US/DisplayProductDetailsPage/productID.105181400

These are in-ear headphones. While spectacular, they are no longer available.

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