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Windows 10 > Windows 10 configuration >


A straightforward and extremely powerful windows configuration tool.

Where configuring Windows involves digging through various applications and their menus, and editing the registry, by placing all the important things in one easily-navigated tool, configuring Windows becomes easy with this tool.

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Google >
Software > Web browsers >

(on Wikipedia)

A web browser by Google, designed to be fast and perfectly willing to sacrifice features.

I'm only using this for compatibility.

  • Properly titled Google Chrome
  • Other browsers are built with some of Chrome's open source components:

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TransmogTokens 1

World of Warcraft > AddOns >

States if you need the appearance of an item the tier token can buy. Tells you the location of where the tier token can be redeemed.

With the new transmog system in place, this is mandatory.

Can I Mog It another class

World of Warcraft > AddOns >


Gives more detailed tooltip information on transmogrification for an item. For example, it lets one see if it's learnable on an alt.

A absolutely essential addon.

  • On disk, it is called CanIMogIt

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Pale Moon extensions > Greasemonkey >

A cross-browser script that adds a button to download YouTube videos as MP4 and FLV files. This script downloads the videos directly from YouTube and it integrates with YouTube's interface.

It creates a button under the video, to the left of "Add to"


Addon Control Panel image

World of Warcraft > AddOns >

An AddOn control panel.

Can also manage sets of AddOns.

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YssDrop image

World of Warcraft > AddOns >


Broker Plugin for your Broker Launchers.

Yes, it's very meta. It allows one to clean shit up, taking all the broker addons that would be scattered across your LibDataBroker bar(s) and put them neatly in a dropdown list.

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