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A web browser by Google, designed to be fast and perfectly willing to sacrifice features.

I'm only using this for compatibility.

  • Properly titled Google Chrome
  • Other browsers are built with some of Chrome's open source components:

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TransmogTokens 1

World of Warcraft > AddOns >

States if you need the appearance of an item the tier token can buy. Tells you the location of where the tier token can be redeemed.

With the new transmog system in place, this is mandatory.

Display Driver Uninstaller logo

A utility to completely remove one's display drivers. Useful for being as thorough as possible, for the various cases where leftovers are making proper troubleshooting or reinstallation difficult.

I couldn't get it to work.

  • aka DDU

This is not (yet?) in development, but is something I will keep an eye on.

Ember logo

Entertainment > Games >

The spiritual successor to Firefall

  • Crowdfunded with small step milestones
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • A shooter first, with great movement, guns and abilities. Skill matters. Progression is horizontal, opening up more options, abilities, and gameplay
  • Mining and gathering resources with the aid of huge, autonomous mechs. Resources matter, and finding and gathering them is fun
  • Build and customize your own "omniframe" suit and weapons system. Customize them to your unique needs and the role you want to fulfill
  • Sandbox world. Terraform the planet over time, create pockets of habitable areas and build refineries, defenses, and bases of operation
  • Play a simulated world, with dynamic events. Go anywhere, do anything. Events will unfold around you as you play -- perhaps even war


Can I Mog It another class

World of Warcraft > AddOns >


Gives more detailed tooltip information on transmogrification for an item. For example, it lets one see if it's learnable on an alt.

A absolutely essential addon.

  • On disk, it is called CanIMogIt

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Pale Moon extensions > Greasemonkey >

A cross-browser script that adds a button to download YouTube videos as MP4 and FLV files. This script downloads the videos directly from YouTube and it integrates with YouTube's interface.

It creates a button under the video, to the left of "Add to"


FIXME - The initial blink works, but the overlay does not.

GearHUD image

World of Warcraft > AddOns >


Displays a Gears of War-style cog associated with character health. The more wounded the character, the more the cog displays.

I was living without this for some time, but it turns out the Blizzard-style indicator is too subtle for me in the heat of combat.

  • GearHUDPower was made from an earlier version of GearHUD, but for mana.

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Addon Control Panel image

World of Warcraft > AddOns >

An AddOn control panel.

Can also manage sets of AddOns.

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