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Artificial intelligence is created but is somehow only used as a personal assistant.

Awkward and slow, and so lacking in intellectual merit as to make it far too weak a story. Science fiction chick flicks are fucking weak.

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Rogue One - (2015 movie) poster

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Something something father something reactor something plans to the death star something hope.

A pretty terrible episode. I'm not going to bother watching another of these..

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A woman in a wheelchair goes on vacation alongside various religious tourists.

I couldn't get to the half-way point without succumbing to boredom. This movie has a kind of absence of flavour that drones on like one unwavering tone. I don't know how the hell this movie got into my inbox, perhaps as a reality-questioning movie. Maybe it got into interesting things later, but I was unwilling to give it that chance.

It had no explosions or lasers.

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Avoid, especially if you like the Harry Potter series!


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A British wizard travels to New York City, but his case full of endangered magical creatures causes trouble in a city that already has its own creature problem.

Weak characters, a shit plot with lots of filler and generally unlikeable. Especially bad in light of the earlier movies set in this universe. God that main character is fucking terrible to watch.

I will forever misremember this title as Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them. No fantastic breasts were found in this movie.

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It is discovered that a person and their voice can be paired with certain words to manifest effects in the real world.

Tiring. Slow, confusing, and after 12 minutes it gets into a bit of a plot. The world has not been particularly well-explained.. giving this too little substance to hold my attention.

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The author works to sell the notion of propaganda as a skill and service, inventing what is best described as "ethical propaganda". He used this to manufacture his relevancy and sell his career. This book is particularly interesting in that the author and what he writes can itself be understood by what is written. The teaching can be used on itself.

Its first half is boring as hell to me, but I guess it would have been fascinating back then. A little after the half-way point it has grown very dark, talking about leaders instead of elected officials and manipulation instead of representation.

It does show its age in a number of places, but its stories are trivially generalizable.

So far I guess I'd put this on an intellectual's book shelf, though it all seems obvious and not even particularly collectible. I'm not sure if it would "red pill" an everyday person or even be interesting to one.