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This often has to do with literal intelligence (learning, memory), philosophy, scepticism, self-improvement or independence, and includes issues of culture jamming or corporate jamming.

NOTE - this is not a particularly serious project, and things get dumped here before being split off into more focused topics.

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Ramen noodles:  Just because it's edible doesn't mean it's food.
Ramen noodles: Just because it's edible doesn't mean it's food.

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Food preparation.

Eating is a big part of life, but it's something many people don't concern themselves with nearly enough.

The goal of this project is to create lists of recipes which cater to the lazy bastard in all of us. The ingredients will be common and cheap, and the food will be of extraordinary nutritional value.. why? Well, the more nutritious a meal is, the less one has to eat to stay healthy.. and the less one has to eat the more food there will be.. and the more food there will be the less one has to cook!

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Most of my historical introduction to and experience of music has been committed to archives. Though it's all difficult to dig back up, I feel it will be worth working on. I think sharing music is something we all would love even more than the music itself.

Contact Me for anything you think I'd like. YouTube channels, radio which shares song titles, playlists or other sources. I'm looking for curated content, not massive archives. I also don't want to host music, so the sources would have to be online if I am ever to re-share them.

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