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Five Things is currently what I do.

Good time management is an incredible stress-reducer.

I think I've been able to bring my various experiences to a time management system which works for me.


Unplugging is really important.

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"lone wolf", by Nirrimi Hakanson
"lone wolf", by Nirrimi Hakanson
"Make My Heart Flutter", by Escapetoparadise
"Make My Heart Flutter", by Escapetoparadise

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Wikipedia: Trance

Music has some notes on my taste, which apply to Trance.

I have a particular love of female vocal progressive trance. It's lighthearted and romantic. I've been listening to this style and sub-style of music for a while now. I intend to keep listening, and I like to share the things I love. Isn't that what love is? If you like my curating, then you're in for a treat.

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I own a Tiko.

3D printing is a method of creating a object.

Just as a printer paints ink onto paper, a 3D printer paints a plastic-like substance into a surface and then builds layers on top. Think of it like a pastry bag but in three dimensions. So instead of a gingerbread house with icing being painted on top, think of the entire house being made of that icing.

This is just to house some 3d printing/scanning-related notes.

This isn't the full extent of my notes, which are scattered across who knows where. Oh well.

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